Hello and welcome to my website.  Here you will find several galleries of photography and other art to browse through.  I first began dabbling in digital art and photography over ten years ago.  In the past it was just a hobby, something I would do in my spare time.  In recent years it has become more than that and I have been working to expand my career as an artist. 
There are two types of art that I currently work in - photography and digital.  My  photography is fairly straight forward with the vast majority of it being nature related.  It is also the discipline in which I am constantly trying to improve myself.  The digital art that I create can be separated into different categories - fractal, abstract, photo manipulation and the melding of all three.  This, quite simply, is the fun stuff.  I enjoy working on these pieces and  being creative with different colors, textures and overall design.
Thank you for visiting and taking the time to look around.  I hope you like what you see here and feel free to send along any questions or comments though the Contact page.

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